Sign up process: Fill in the form and send the data; I check your data and if found any mistakes send an email to you. If all ok - I register your data in the system, set up initial trade parameters (you can use them to trade) and send a confirmation and the control panel URL to you by email. The system starts to trade immediately after payment received.

Attention! For BITFINEX: account type: trader or exchange; fee type: currency exchange fee.

Attention! ApiKey must have "info" and "trade" permissions (WEX) or read for Account Info and read/write for Orders and Wallets (BITFINEX).

Attention! The account assigned to the ApiKey must have money in coin or money that defined in the pair on second place (for LONG) or on the first place (SHORT).

Attention! If you already have a subscription and want to buy another one to trade by different pair - please, register separate account on market. Don\'t buy more than one subscription on the one account, because it may cause conflicts between bots. Also, the subscription login must be unique.

Attention! API key MUST be unique and never used before.